Cameras will help you to see indoor conditions remotely, even at work, and avoid stress or anxiety. Interactive cameras designed to communicate with dogs by playing sound and even dropping cheerleading food


Give your dog peace of mind. Dogs love to chew. Dr. Charly puts the best options in front of you

The best breeds for mating

If you force different breeds of dogs to mate without the necessary knowledge and information, expect bad consequences for both yourself and the newborn dog, including physical and even mental illness.

The most suitable auxiliary products to solve the loneliness of dogs

Mental stimuli are the best option for entertaining dogs when alone. Unlike cats, dogs do not have a completely independent personality. If your dog should spend a lot of time alone at home, it is necessary to use the appropriate accessories and toys that are designed for this purpose.

The best dietary supplements

In addition to proper nutrition, dietary supplements play a very important role. Lack of calcium or vitamins as well as lack of minerals needed by dogs will lead to many diseases that can be easily prevented.

Dog Marriage Center

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How long can a dog be left alone?

Having a dog means having a plan. You organize your working hours, social walks, and chores based on when you get home. We all feel guilty if we leave our dog alone at home. Dogs enjoy socializing with humans, but that does not mean it is dangerous or bad to leave them alone at home.

What kind of food is suitable for your dog?

What is the suitable dog food? How many times a day should i feed my dog? Dr. Charly introduces you to the best and most nutritious dog food. Famous brands with the most reasonable prices. Easy and direct purchase from Amazon